Bio-Pic On Radhe Maa- See Which Actress Gets The Role!


Bio-Pic On Radhe Maa- See Which Actress Gets The Role!

The hot topic in Social Media the Indian god woman Radhe Maa has become so famous that Bollywood is going to make a movie on her.

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You don’t have to worry if you still have not heard about the god mother Radhe Maa, all you will have to do is watch the movie.

Radhe Maa is a self-proclaimed god mother who has become one of the hottest topics in Social Media.

The role of the self-proclaimed goddess would be played by none other than the famous actress Mallika Sherawat.Mallika as Radhe Maa

Radhe Maa whose pictures were posted in the social networking sites wearing miniskirts made her one of the hottest topics in social media.

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She is also known for showing her devotion in a unique way as while praying she dances on Bollywood songs and believes in wearing miniskirts.

She was also accused of asking one of her followers to ask for dowry from his parent in laws.

A case was registered against her according to the Dowry Prevention Act.

Well who would not like to watch a movie on an interesting character as her.

How a normal married woman Sukhvinder Kaur turned into the god woman Radhe Maa. She is a mother to 6 sons and had a husband and belonged to a poor family.

She used to stich clothes to support her husband’s income. After her husband left in search of a better business, she became interested in spirituality.

This movie will show her journey from a woman to a god woman.

Here is a video which shows the casting of the upcoming movie.

So what do you think will this movie be a hit or not? Share your views in the comments below.