Bionic Eye Lens: 8 Minute Surgery for an Extraordinary Vision


Bionic Eye Lens: 8 Minute Surgery for an Extraordinary Vision

Bionic eye lens provides extraordinary vision. For fixing a bionic lens in our eyes 8-minute surgery is required. The least comfortable distance upto which a normal eye can read comfortably is 25 cm. But a bionic eye lens can offer vision three times of a normal human vision. Really surprising!!

That means with the help of Bionic Eye Lens, we can see an object, which is very far away from us with much precision and directness. This invention will be very useful to us.

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Bionic Eye Lens 8 Minute Surgery for an Extraordinary Vision

Dr. Garth Webb, an optometrist in Canada, discovered the Ocumetics bionic lens empowering man with this superhuman vision. His vision is to boost human vision despite one’s age or health.

Apart from having the vision of a falcon, people who are fixed with bionic lens will not have to suffer from cataracts and their eyes will not decay too fast.

Dr. Webb, talking to CBC, believes anyone above the age of 25 is eligible for this eight-minute surgery, because the eye is fully developed by this age. “This is vision enhancement that the world has never seen before. The custom-made lens is folded perfectly in a saline-filled syringe and placed in the eye where it unfolds itself taking the shape of the eye within 10 seconds. It’s painless and all it takes is 8 minutes.”

Dr. Webb says that ever since he got his first pair of glasses in Class II, he’s been obsessed with the idea of having perfect vision for all without having to wear corrective lenses. With the bionic eye lens, people will now have their eyesight corrected with a surgery that doesn’t last more than 8 minutes and immediately corrects a patient’s vision!

Dr. Vincent Deluise, an ophthalmologist who teaches at both Yale University and Weill Cornell Medical College in New York, says, “I think this device is going to bring us closer to the holy grail of excellent vision at all ranges — distant, intermediate and near,”

Dr Webb says they still need to perform some clinical trials of the lens on animals and human eyes with zero vision to make it more innovative than it already is. Bionic lens will surely replace laser surgeries that are available now. Soon after proper implementation the bionic lens will be available soon all over the world.

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This new innovation surely opens the possibilities of giving a permanent solution to eye problems? It will help man to view the colorful world in an entirely different manner.

If you had weak eyes, they needed exercise to get strong. Glasses were like crutches. They prevented people with feeble eyes from seeing the world on their own. Here the glasses are bionic lens!!!

It’s painless and all it takes is 8 minutes: Watch it.


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