Blind Father Pushed Out from Running Car in Chandigarh


Blind Father Pushed Out from Running Car in Chandigarh

Elder abuse in India is quite common and is rising up with every passing seconds, why is that so? Is it because the parents aren’t gonna file a lawsuit against their children for abusing them physically and mentally? Priyanka Sharma a brave Indian girl came across a blind father who was kicked in to the streets from a car by his very own son. This kind of abuse against senior citizens are not that rare, you could hear many similar kind of horror stories in almost every old age homes in India. Priyanka can’t stand seeing the poor old man, When every one in the streets decided to stand still. The reason why this blind father was thrown in to the streets by his very own son is quite shocking.

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Blind Father Pushed Out from Running Car in Chandigarh Jaganath Singh

Priyanka Sharma says, “Hello friends, I want all of you to pay attention to this man with me. He is a real hero for me today. Today while crossing Madhya Marg sector 26 Chandigarh I realized someone kicked the old man from his car and people were just looking at him like fools. I went near to him and with the help of few I managed to make him stand. He is blind but very active 84 year old man. His son thrown him out of his car because he was not signing on property papers. I really got amazed to know that how could a son do this but yes how could I forget it’s KALYUG. These people go in theaters, spend money and cry on movies for parents but do not realize what they actually are. Few says they are dogs but please I respect dogs but not sch people. Shame on you guy. Yes, I am the one whom you sent “HOW ARE YOU BABES” so my answer to you is I am fine but after reading this you will not be. Thodi sharam hai to  ( If you still have shame ) realize your mistake otherwise God is watching you. “Karmabitch” and salute to people like Jaganath Singh who is blind, old but full of life. I wanna SALUTE to you sir and for your son “ABHI TO PARTY SHURU HUI HAI” (Party has just begun) dubara aisa kia to mere jese hzaar chodenge ni ( if you do this people will not leave you). Get life and respect parents.

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Come on people stand united to wash away this kind of injustice against elders. Just remember, you can’t be what you are now if your parents had kicked you out of their home or deprived you of food and affection.