Bomb Blast in Jamshedpur – In News for Wrong Reasons!!!


Bomb Blast in Jamshedpur – In News for Wrong Reasons!!!

Jamshedpur in Jharkand state has been in news for a while for bad reasons. First RIOT, then Fatal Accidents and now a Bomb Blast in Jamshedpur has left every one shocked. A peace loving city is surely going wrong way.

Bomb Blast in Jamshedpur - In News for Wrong Reasons!!!
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Jamshedpur is yet again in prime news tonight. A low intensity bomb hidden in a dust bin exploded at Beldih Golf Course locality in Jamshedpur city tonight 16-August-2015 at 8:15 PM, a senior police official said. ( Near Kali Bari Temple and Loyola School )

Senior Superintendent of Police Anoop T Mathew said that there was no harm to any life following the low intensity blast.

However as per localities of Jamshedpur the blast was not a low intensity bomb. The so called low intensity bomb literally destroyed a whole steel hardened dustbin of JUSCO.

Bomb Blast in Jamshedpur - In News for Wrong Reasons1

The place where bomb blast took place is a fairly populated place during peak hour with huge number of kids as two schools  namely Loyola and Beldih Church Schools are in nearby vicinity. The former Managing Director Tata Steel and Padma Bhushan award winner Dr. J.J.Irani’s house is also in the nearby area where the bomb blast happened.

A similar blast earlier happened on 15-January-2010 where four people, including two policemen, were injured in Olidih area of Adarshnagar Colony. The bomb which was kept in the bag exploded after falling on the ground when policemen tried to remove the bag with sticks.

While the police is investigating the matter a high alert has been declared in Ranchi, Jamshedpur and near by areas.

We request everyone to be alert and safe.