Breakup After Effects


Breakup After Effects

The two most heartbreaking things in a girl’s life are favorite Television series coming to an end and a breakup. It’s crazy how life takes a complete turn and you are no more the person you always thought you were. But trust us breakups aren’t that bad. The very reason you are guys aren’t together anymore says a lot about your relationship. Getting rid of people who don’t provide you happiness and if that brings in a few tears and a temporary state of depression then be it. Every girl experiences these breakup after effects. Read on and count how may do you actually relate to.

Stalks the shit out of him:

Did he change his profile picture? Who has he been hanging out with lately? Is that girl in the picture his new girlfriend? you need to stop. There is no harm in occasionally checking out what he has been up to lately because obviously you guys were together for a while but going all out with the stalking over social media will make you cray cray. The key is to delete him permanently and pretend like he doesn’t exist for you anymore.

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Pretends to be “strong”:

Its okay if you feel like crying and you accidentally shed a few tears in front of someone. This doesn’t mean you are not taking the breakup well. No one’s going to judge you for this. You were with a person you loved and its more then normal if you cry for him/her after a breakup. So, go on cry a little more and feel light.

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Stops the salon visits:

Girls usually don’t feel the need to look pretty if not for their boyfriends. Once a bad breakup hits them they turn them selves into a cave woman. They quit shaving and stop bothering about the zits all over the face. Who cares to shave those legs if they aren’t coming in use right?

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Date anyone and everyone:

Suddenly you see that you are the only single person in the group because of your breakup and its killing you. The most obvious thing happens next is you get into casual dating. You rush to find a rebound so that you become less miserable and enjoy life a little.

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Makes Ex jealous:

You start to hangout more with the opposite sex and post various picture all over social media to make your Ex jealous. This might be a lot of fun but honestly you are gaining nothing out of it. just be your self and keep your friend circle tight and limited to nice people.

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Stop believing in love:

“No love” that’s the kind of motto you follow and preach after a breakup. suddenly love makes no sense to you and you become anti love.But this isn’t right. One shouldn’t give up on love just because it didn’t go well with a person the first time. Giving up on love and that to because of your ex is a very bad idea.

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