Cancer Defeated by an Odissi Dancer Shubhada Varadkar: Inspiring Story


Cancer Defeated by an Odissi Dancer Shubhada Varadkar: Inspiring Story

Cancer was defeated with mental power by an Odissi Dancer Shubhada Varadkar. Cancer had attacked her at the age of 40. Her deep passion towards art and dance made her a winner over Cancer. Following is her story!!!

Cancer Defeated by an Odissi Dancer Shubhada Varadkar Inspiring Story

She had tumors  in the ovary and  in the uterus. Even though she was undergoing severe chemotherapy she continued her dancing along with it. Actually her passion towards dance defeated the dreaded disease.

As she was young she informed her parents about her interest to learn dance.

“When I told my parents that I want to join dance classes, they said I could do it only if I got good grades. My classes were more like a gift for me after my matriculation for getting good marks,” she says.

She started learning Bharathanatyam and Odissi. Along with dancing she attained post graduate degree in economics and working as a lecturer in R.R Ruia College, Mumbai.

“I was doing many things, but dance was the only thing that remained with me all the time, during different phases of my life,” she adds.
“During chemotherapy, your immunity level goes down and you should avoid going out. Your blood count has to come to its normal level before you can go for your next cycle. So you have to get well in that 2-3 week period. If you don’t, you have to wait. Throughout my treatment, my family’s only concern was that I should not get any kind of infection. But I had only my performances in mind. I thought this is my karma and I have to do it no matter what. That is why, with a view towards getting better soon and being able to perform, I used to follow my diet and medicine plan exactly as prescribed. I just had to keep my body fit. My mind and soul were totally focused on my art,” she says.

Even though she was completely cured,her friends and relatives told her that she wont be able to perform dance as she was attacked by a severe disease.

“A dancer needs a healthy mind, body and a presentable appearance – I had none at that time. But there was some energy that was pushing me forward and I had to prove those people wrong,” she adds.

But she did not gave up. She continued her dance performance in both Indian and abroad stages. She teaches classical dances to the children.

Shubhada has authored an eBook, The Glimpse of Indian Classical Dance and another book Mayurpank. Her Sanskriti Foundation offers helping hand to Cancer patients and also promotes dance teaching to unprivileged kids.

“I also talk to these cancer patients sometimes. They feel that if I can fight the disease, they can too. Their approach towards the disease changes,” she says.
“Love and passion for your art provides hope to live. It is the hope that I want to create something beautiful that will make others happy. That hope helps a lot. I pray that everybody has some passion that can help them find that hope and fight for themselves,” concludes Shubhada.

Now a days due to our unhealthy life style, the strength of people attacked by Cancer is increasing. Cancer is attacking the buds and blossoms .Advanced treatments are available at present along with that firm determination and mental strength is needed to defeat the disease. Number of people who are defeating this disease is also increasing there by providing a hope to others!!!