Captain America – Civil War : Movie Review


Captain America – Civil War : Movie Review

Hey, what’s happening to these big production studios of Hollywood – they are pitting one superhero against another to cook up a semblance of plot. Just last month, we had the underwhelming ‘Batman v Superman‘ fighting each other. This week sees Captain America take on Iron man in the ‘Civil War’ crammed with other comic book characters from the Marvel universe.

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Captain America - Civil War : Movie Review

The end result is comparatively better than the dull and dark BvS but clearly, Hollywood is relying more on pulsating action rather than a novel idea.

Never mind! The Civil War has one of the best choreographed action sequence seen in any superhero movie where Team Cap combats Team Ironman at the airport. Thor and the Hulk are missed but Spiderman and Ant-Man more than make up for their absence. Specially, the young spidey (newbie Tom Holland) being mentored by Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr. brilliant ) is a hilarious scene.

The Ironman vs CapAm divide occurs as a result of Sokovia Accords, wherein UN wants to regulate the Avengers after their failed mission in Lagos which kills many civilians. Steve Rogers (Chris Evans, better than ever) opposes it. Tony Stark supports it reflecting on his past mistake of creating the Ultron. That leads to a polarization of views and the stage is set for the aforementioned duel at the airport and another one on one encounter between the two warring superheroes.

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On the tech front, the film scores full marks for its outstanding CGI and visual appeal. I would strongly advise the IMAX 3D experience.

Though this is a Captain America venture, it is actually a full fledged Avengers movie with references to their previous adventures and almost everyone from the team, including my personal fave Black widow (Scarlett Johansson, alluringly sexy), getting meaty roles . Besides, it sets the mood for the upcoming two part ‘Avengers – The Infinity War’. Stay seated until the end credits roll over and you will understand why….

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