Carbon 2017 : ( Hindi Short Film )


Carbon 2017 : ( Hindi Short Film )

Carbon : The year is 2067. The constant environmental abuse by mankind has led to oxygen becoming a prized commodity, both for sale and smuggling!!. Random (Jackky Bhagnani), the narrator of this short and grappling with an artificial heart, goes to strike an illegal deal with one richie rich Shah from Mars (Nawazuddin Siddiqui in a spacesuit). The barter is a couple of cylinders of Himalayan oxygen for a price of water (which we are told, causes bloodshed and war).

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Carbon 2017 Hindi Short Film-FantoosyThe appropriately titled ‘Carbon’ tackles the pertinent subject of global warming highlighting the bleak future in store for us if we continue to abuse mother nature and its resources. Point taken and noted! Unfortunately, the noble intentions are hampered by some inconsistent writing and highly tacky visuals. Understandably, I chose to forgive the visual aspect as a short film like this is bound to have a budget constraint. What couldn’t be forgiven is the heavy narrative which tries to pack in too much than it can accommodate in its 24 minutes of run time.

Space travel, humanised robots, artificial heart transplants and social unrest leading to daily curfews are needlessly crammed in the short which at times, becomes distracting. Instead, the plot should’ve stuck to its core issue of environmental destruction leading to scarcity of air, food as well as water.

Of the cast, Nawazuddin Siddiqui amuses you with his ‘man from Mars’ act. Prachi Desai is strictly okey. Jackky Bhagnani is actually better here than in the various full length feature movies he was launched and re-launched. Yashpal Sharma is wasted.

All in all, Carbon is recommended one time watch just for getting it’s intent right….with a caveat to forgive it’s tacky execution.

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Ratings on some key aspects :
1. Acting: 3/5
2. Direction : 2/5
3. Music : 2.5/5
4. Story, Screenplay and Dialogue : 2.5/5
5. Cinematography : 2.5/5
6. Production Quality : 2/5
7. Action : NA

Story, Screenplay and Dialogue
Production Quality
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