Caught on Camera : Woman Attempts to Murder Mother-in-law


Caught on Camera : Woman Attempts to Murder Mother-in-law

In recent times, evils of society against women like rape, harassment, dowry etc. have been dealt with firmly by the government and other authorities. But more often than not, every decision does have its negative repercussions. In this shocking video uploaded by Kundan Srivastava reveals how a crazy daughter-in-law ruthlessly beats and attempts to murder her mother-in-law, after falsely accusing her husband of marital rape and dowry issues, and subsequently getting him into prison.

Attempts to murder
Kundan Srivastava, the social activist who shared the video on social media.

This is what Kundan had to say:

“Sangeeta Jain has tried several times to kill her 70-year-old mother-in-law. You can see the video that I’m revealing today. The video was captured on 5th January, 2016 through a CCTV camera which I advised to keep hidden in the room.

Video captures cruel daughter-in-law Sangeeta Jain, W/o- Sandeep Jain, Resident of Nehtaur, Uttar Pradesh attacking her helpless, sick mother-in-law. The cruel woman tried to kill her mother in law, Rajrani Jain, with a stone and rope, she slapped her and then dragged her down the bed.

The marriage has lasted 7 years and the divorce case is going on. She lives in her husband’s house forcefully and is taking advantage of his kindness. On 4th January, 2015, in the morning, without the usual commotion, she went to the market and then to the police station to lodge a false report…and ignoring the fact, Police booked Sandeep Jain, and the woman was sent home by the police.

She made a noose out of clothes to strangle the poor old lady, and hit her on the head with a stone, making her bleed, but her cruelty was not over. She then tried to electrocute her mother-in-law with the current of their water-heating rod.

Yet, no action was taken by the police because these attack has been made by a woman. Sangeeta Jain haunts her husband for false dowry & marital rape cases.

Sandeep Jain’s sister took my help by raising her question to the Police, Administration, Society & Government – Does only a daughter-in-law need safety in a household? What about the mother-in-law?

Strong laws were created for the benefit of women but some women are misusing the laws. I would urge the Government of India to action against such women. I promise I will help you fight this cruelty and I also believe that Crime has no Gender!!! ~Kundan Srivastava

Watch the video here!

This shocking video should open up our eyes to the possibilities that these things might be occurring in our society as well. Although this is obviously a sinister plan by Sangeeta Jain as she attempts to murder a helpless old lady, it is still necessary for the government of our country to consider the negative consequences of law-making. If laws are made for the benefit of women, there should be adequate measures to prevent such misdeeds from taking place.

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