10 Low Budget Hit Movies- Check Out These!


Check out these 10 Low Budget Hit Movies

Over the last decade, the Indian Film Industry has viewed several faces of success- Both from the Commercial and the Non- Commercial films too! However, it’s hard to predict that the low budget films will come out to be an actual winner of being hit. Nobody can imagine a movie to be ruled as a hit even without the absence of big brands or big names in the Commercial Film Industry. However- it is a fact and there are several names which came up as a hit probably for the story line and the screenplay along with the hard work of directors! Well, if you do not believe this- just check out these 10 low budget Hit movies.

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  1. City Lights (2014)

The City Lights s a film which portrays the role of a farmer who sold himself to his family! More with the lights of the lead male actor Rajkumar Rao, the views have also witnessed some tremendous acting skills of debutant Patralekha. It is Hansal Mehta’s next film after his previous “Shahid” encountered several National Awards.

10 Low Budget Hit Movies- Check Out These1

  1. Tere Bin Laden (2010)

The Tere Bin Laden (2010) was the debut movie of the Pakistani star Ali Zafar, which had grown up with the humour of Osama Bin Laden’s Death. The film was pictured at an amount of Rs 6 Crore and almost gulped in a profit of Rs. 9 Crores!

10 Low Budget Hit Movies- Check Out These2

  1. Peepli Live (2010)

The concept of Peepli Live (2010) grew on humour which was portrayed on the suicide attempts on the farmers which took place prior. The film pictured tremendous political response as it captured a huge profit in the Box Office.

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  1. Paan Singh Tomar (2012)

The movie of Paan Singh Tomar revolves around an enormous portray of the script and directing with the lights of Irrfan Khan. The film had the concept of a good sportsman willing to join the Army Sports just because that there is no restriction on food.

10 Low Budget Hit Movies- Check Out These4.

  1. Phas Gaye Re Obama (2010)

The film Phas Gaye Re Obama (2010) portrays a nation depletion of what the USA had in the country of India along with the effects of it. Rs. 19 Crore was the total amount which the film collected after expending a tiny budget.

10 Low Budget Hit Movies- Check Out These5

  1. Khosla Ka Ghosla (2006)

The film Khosla Ka Ghosla was launched in the year of 2006 and acquired the lights of some exceptional actors of the Bollywood industry. The story was based on how the people got cheated with their lands and how it had affected them. The film made up a good profit about 7.5 Crores.

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10 Low Budget Hit Movies- Check Out These6

  1. Pyaar Ka Panchnama (2011)

A film for the youths- the Pyaar Ka Panchnama acquired a huge name for the relationships it shows. Directed by Luv Ranjan, it had been low budget films which showed the problem of relationships between boys and girls.

10 Low Budget Hit Movies- Check Out These7

  1. Kahaani (2012)

A mystery thriller film scripted in the hearts of Calcutta; the Kahaani forecasts some superb acting of Vidya Balan. In this film, she leads the role of a pregnant woman who comes up to finding her partner. But the story gives an awesome twist to every spectator and makes it a must watch.

10 Low Budget Hit Movies- Check Out These8

  1. Vicky Donor (2012)

Bringing in a fresh concept of a sperm donor, the film is the debut of Ayushmann Khurrana, which portrays on the subject of sperm. Directed with a small amount the film got enormous buzz within a short period.

10 Low Budget Hit Movies- Check Out These9

  1. The Lunchbox (2013)

The Lunchbox is also a sensational script acted by Irrfan Khan, which was directed under a budget of Rs. 10 Crore. However, the profit it made was quite sensational and was over than Rs. 20 Crores. The film also got an entry in the Academy Awards on behalf of India but did not get finalized.

10 Low Budget Hit Movies- Check Out These10