Check Out this Hilarious Reply to a Man’s Query on Quora!


Check Out this Hilarious Reply to a Man’s Query on Quora!

Recently, a photograph of a man’s question in a post on Quora was circulated widely on the internet and all over social media, owing primarily to the nature of the question, which was peculiar and hilarious at the same time. Check out what it was:

The man’s post on Quora, with his peculiarly funny question.
The man evidently had a strange question, and one that would obviously annoy a lot of people who believe in the sanctity of relationships and the trust that is required to make a relationship a happy one. One particular reply, from an individual named Diana Cretu, left us rolling on the floor with laughter, literally! Check out what she said:
“1. Set up a brand new e-mail account. kickedthebucket@tooyoungtogo(.)com or something.

2. Give your wife a piece of paper with this info:
  1. Your Gmail address
  2. Your Facebook login e-mail
  3. The name of the bank where you have your accounts
  4. etc.
To clarify, it will be a list of the accounts you want her to be able to access after you’re kaput. Just the list of accounts, nothing else.

3. Send an e-mail from your usual address to kickedthebucket@tooyoungtogo(.)com, with the following content:
  1. 349yt9dfj
  2. 4pu3t9p4
  3. 239849-38523-540
  4. djfp
These are, of course, the passwords and account numbers that you want her to have once you’re sleeping with the fishes.

4. Tell your wife that you did these things, and while you’re at it, send her an e-mail from kickedthebucket@tooyoungtogo(.)com, so she’ll have the address handy in some special folder in her inbox, “deadhubby” or something.

5. Put the password for kickedthebucket@tooyoungtogo(.)com in your will. Don’t include the e-mail address as well, just put something like “The password is: isleptwithyoursister”.

And voilà! She’ll only have the password once you’re worm food, and the info is also secure, since it’s split in two places that cannot be easily connected, so if the e-mail address happens to be hacked, the perpetrator won’t be able to use it to steal all the billions you’re going to leave her.”
Definitely the most apt reply! It not only proved the point, but did so in the most humorous manner! Well done, Diane, we’re pretty sure this man will think 10,000 times before asking anyone such a question again!

Can you think of a more fitting reply to this man’s post? Tell us, in the comments section!