Cold Water Bodies Detected in Pluto’s Moon Charon : BY NASA


Cold Water Bodies Detected in Pluto’s Moon Charon : BY NASA

Pluto’s largest moon, Charon, has the presence of water bodies detected by Horizon sent by NASA. These water bodies are responsible for the volatile structure of CHARON. Pluto identified as double Dwarf, has been expelled from the planetary list since it lacks the characteristic of a planet. Charon is the largest moon in Pluto. The presence of water bodies opens a new page in space science. NASA has done an excellent job!!

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Charon is characterized by a system of “pull apart” tectonic fault having a great depth. Tectonic faults are sites of localized motion in all planets, responsible for various global phenomena. They are responsible for the sudden expansion and stretching of planets surface.

Pluto’s moon had undergone an expansion and stretching which is revealed from the photograph sent by Horizon.

“Solid form of water that is ice forms a major portion of the moon’s surface. According to NASA ‘s point of view radioactivity is responsible for the high temperature in the surface of Pluto’s moon.

Water bodies are formed due to the melting of ice. After that the moons surface becomes cool and the low temperature leads to the expansion of the surface. This will elevate the outer portions of the moon and make it very awesome.

New space expeditions can create wonders !! Lets hope for it!!

Cold Water Bodies Detected in Pluto's Moon Charon : BY NASA

Details of image has been described below:

The top portion of this image shows part of the feature informally named Serenity Chasma, part of a vast equatorial belt of chasms on Charon.

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The lower portion of the image shows color-coded topography of the same scene.

Measurements of the shape of this feature tell scientists that Charon’s water ice layer may have been at least partially liquid in its early history and has since refrozen.