Corrupt TTE Suspended Over A Tweet


Corrupt TTE Suspended Over A Tweet

Corrupt TTE suspended over a tweet? Yes, it really happened on Saturday. When a railway passenger named Govind Narayan noticed that the corrupt TTE was collecting Rs. 15 from passengers in return for allotting seats to them without providing receipts for the money collected from the passengers. Govind was travelling to Bikaner in coach number S6 of Barmer Kalka Express, where he noticed this act of corruption.

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Corrupt TTE Suspended Over A Tweet-Fantoosy

Govind also noticed that nobody was asking for the receipts, but he asked. For which the TTE simply told him that he will give the receipt on the way.

Govind decided to take use of the power of social media to let the world know about this corrupt TTE. Minutes before reaching Jodhpur station, Govind shared this incident with the Ministry of Railways via Twitter. To his surprise, he received a reply from the Ministry of Railways informing him that his complaint has been forwarded to the DRM’s office. It all happened within minutes of tweeting his complaint.

Vigilance Officer Mukesh Gehlot boarded the train at Jodhpur station where his team spoke with the TTE and checked his records and took a report which resulted in the suspension of the TTE.

Govind told Aaj Tak that “I could not see this happening. I knew about the procedure of tweeting to the Ministry of Railways so I chose to complain there,”.

Several similar incidents have been reported lately, where citizens lodge their complaints and concerns via twitter.