Corruption In India Is Less Than China For The First Time Since 1996


Corruption In India Is Less Than China For The First Time Since 1996

In the annual survey by Transparency International, India has been ranked ahead of China for the first time since 1996, changing the world’s perception about the country. The nation’s anti-corruption stance over the last year has played a major role in reducing corruption in India, and has strengthened possibilities of a corruption-free future, even though it would take many years to make that happen.

corruption in India
Transparency International’s survey shows that India’s corruption levels are less than that of China.

India has always been behind China in the list of least-corrupt countries ever since Transparency International’s first survey, which was incidentally also in 1996. Out of 175 countries, India has jumped 10 places and climbed up to the 85th rank, while China has dropped 20 places and reached no. 100 on the list. This goes to show that China’s President Xi Jinping‘s anti-corruption campaign isn’t going well, despite the fact that it is a large scale one.

The organisation said that the change in the perception about India were brought about by the agitations, street protests, movements and the national elections. New laws and a new Government, with new PM Narendra Modi’s pledge to fight corruption, have taken the country forward on these grounds.

Although things do seem to be looking up for India in this respect, there is still a long way to go and a lot of work to be done before we can start comparing ourselves to countries like Australia, Canada, Denmark etc., considering the fact that corruption has been and is still one of our country’s biggest problems. There is still a need for quick and effective action against corruption in the form of making new laws and implementing them effectively. Let’s hope India’s future continues to get brighter, and eventually free of corruption.

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