Curvy Is The New Beautiful


Curvy Is The New Beautiful

Have you always thought you had to be a size 2 to fit the bill? Everyone around you has always told you to be a certain body time? If the answer to all these questions is what we think it is then you are at he right place. No one has the right to tell you what they think would look good on you or how they think you would look better if you dropped down a size or two. People are always going to be judgmental. They will try and find a flaw in you every time so that they can point it our and somehow feel better about them selves.

These women mentioned below are strong, curvy and beautiful. They do not really seem to care about the society and it’s preset notions regarding a body type. The whole concept behind these women coming out in public with full acceptance of them selves is to promote the idea of being happy in your own skin.

If you aren’t following these curvy beauties on you social media and otherwise we advice you to do it right away.

Tanesha Awasthi : @Girlwithcurves

She is the kind of women you see walking down the street with his loving husband and kid and you instantly decide on the kind of life you want to have, which is obviously like her’s. Follow her if you want to learn how to love your body no matter what size you are.

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Nadia Aboulhosn: @nadiaaboulhosn

She is witty and totally knows how the run the town wild. Her Instagram page is the coolest thing you would see today. She isn’t afraid to rock those hot pants and crop tops with style and comfort and is definitely a favorite of ours.

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Georgina Horne: @FullerfigureFullerbust

Her shots are brave , bold and would totally make you a fan girl in no time. She specializes in lingerie and every picture of her will force you to splurge on some high end lingerie when you plan for a shopping trip next time.

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Nicolette Mason: @Nicolettemason

She was hired by Marie Claire as a columnist. Haven’t I said enough? She is the boss of the curvy fashion blogger world, She know’s what she is doing and she is doing damn good. She has an edgy and a sophisticated sense of style and is loved by many. Go follow her on Instagram now.

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Teer wayde: @teerwayde

If you want to rock retro, she will teach you how to get that done perfectly. Retro has never looked so appealing and bad ass before she started sporting it over social media. She is jaw- dropping beautiful and deserve all the praise.

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Make sure to follow these beautiful lasses on social media and keep up with all their details to grasp fashion in your life like never before.