Untouchability Still Prevails in India: Read the Story of a Dalit Family Beaten by a Brahmin!!


Untouchability Still Prevails in India: Read the Story of a Dalit Family Beaten by a Brahmin!!

Untouchability still prevailing in modern India!! The answer is yes and the following story about a Dalit family being beaten provides a clear evidence for this. Untouchability is the direct outcome of caste system. Caste discrimination had given birth to this social evil – Untouchability. This still exists in a developing country like India!!  What may be the reason behind it?  It may be due to the attitude problem of common man.

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Read the Story of a Dalit Family Beaten by a Brahmin

 In order to wipe this social menace completely from the society Article 17 was added to the Constitution; Article 17 reads as follows:

“Untouchability is abolished and its practice in any form is forbidden. The enforcement of any disability arising out of “Untouchability” shall be an offence punishable in accordance with law.”

But still untouchability is continuing in India. Here is a story of untouchability that happened in the city of Agra:

The Dalit Boy Sonu went to a ‘Brahmin’ sweet shop for buying sweets. While he was giving the money he accidentally touched the hands of the shopkeeper Anil Sharma who is a Brahmin. Extremely annoyed the shopkeeper thrashed the boy without any concern towards him. Along with this Anil and his members attacked the whole family of Sonu.

In an interview to TOI, the victim’s mother said, “When Sonu returned home with bruises, he narrated the entire event after which I along with group of women went to sweet shop to protest against the cruelty on mere touching the hand. Later, Anil along with some few more men came to our house and attacked us with wooden sticks. They didn’t spare even a pregnant women, who had come to attend marriage ceremony, They kicked her womb after which our family members took her to hospital,” she alleged.

After the incident the station officer responded in the subsequent manner:

The station officer Satyendra Singh of Pinhat area responded to TOI by saying, “No one has been arrested in the matter. It was simple brawl between drunk Valmiki’s who were attending a marriage party. One of the drunk allegedly misbehaved with a Brahmin man after which a scuffle took place.”

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This inhuman behavior is quite distressing!! For a better India with social equality and universal brother hood, untouchability should be evacuated at any cost by following the principles of Gandhiji and Ambedkar. Remember The wordings of Sree Narayana Guru “One Caste, One Religion, One God for Man”.