This Dalit Family Holds Record For Maximum PhD Holders


This Dalit Family Holds Record For Maximum PhD Holders

The Limca Book of Records recognised a Dalit family for the family’s India record of a single family with so many PhD holders. Yes, a Dalit family has recently come under the spotlight for holding record for maximum doctorates in a family. Five memebers from this family have doctorates, earning them a spot in the Limca Book of Records on August 21 as the only family in India with so many doctorates.

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This Dalit Family Holds Record For Maximum PhD Holders-FantoosyBhagwandas Ahirwar, a retired school clerk who studied up to class XII is the person who made this great achievement possible. Bhagwandas earned just Rs 165 per month when he began working in the year 1973. Ahirwar said “I starting working in 1973 and I could barely make ends meet as I just earned just Rs 165 monthly. There was not much improvement in financial condition over the years. But I wanted to provide best education to my children. So now, all five of them have doctorates.”

Ahirwar further said that “I always dreamt my children would grow up to be well educated. God has been kind to me in blessing me with brilliant children,”

Mukesh, eldest son of Ahirwar has a PhD in management studies and is posted in Varanasi in the weights and measurement department. And Mukesh’s sister, Ragini has a PhD in zoology, reports the Times of India.

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The less income and struggle of Ahirwar did not prevent him from providing quality education to his childrends. Ahirwar who is currently residing in Jhansi is paying back to his societly by teaching street kids free of cost. Life of Ahirwar should be an inspiration to all who things that caste or Communities would be an obstacle for quality education.