All You Need To Know About Daulatdia-One Of The Largest Brothels In The World


All You Need To Know About Daulatdia – One Of The Largest Brothels In The World

Daulatdia is the name of a brothel-village in Bangladesh. It has come to be known as one of the largest brothels in the world. Opening around 1988, it is one of the 20 officially sanctioned brothels in Bangladesh, although it was unofficially in existence for decades prior.

Located between a busy railway station and a ferry port swarming with thousands of men, Dautladia is home to almost 2,000 sex workers who service thousands of men daily. The average age of newly arriving sex workers is 14 (the age of consent) meaning some are younger. Many of them are sold into sex work for about $250, which they are then obligated to pay to pimps who are mostly older women. It was originally built during the colonial rule. But now is owned by a local politician’s family.

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Daulatdia is like a small town in itself. The brothel has everything the sex workers and the customers need- from beauty salons, markets to gambling hub inside. The women working there have no reason to step out of the village contained in the brothel. Anyway, even if they wanted to leave, they aren’t allowed to. Popularly known as “dalals”, it the brokers who smuggle girls into the brothel and sell them to the pimps (commonly known as madams).

Here, is a small documentary to help you understand this small village better.


Bangladesh is one of the Islamic countries that does not criminalize prostitution. However, there have been a number of brothels which had been closed down. Last year, local authorities demolished the Tangail brothel in northern Bangladesh. That certainly did not stop customers from pouring into Daulatdia.

It is so sad how little girls aged 12 and 13 are lured into this business. Their innocence and them being naive is taken advantage of. I strongly oppose how teenage girls being smuggled into this business without knowledge. It is a heinous crime against them.