David Beckham’s Son Brooklyn Posts Embarrassing Photos Of Him!


David Beckham’s Son Brooklyn Posts Embarrassing Photos Of Him!

David Beckham and son Brooklyn have been going at each other on social media recently, with David recently posting a photo of his 16-year-old son sitting next to a christmas elf, with the caption ‘Brooklyn looking his cool self… Sorry but I had to post this.. Love you big boy’. The post was obviously not meant to add to Brooklyn’s glamour quotient, and I’m sure the teenager understood that. Here’s the picture:

David Beckham
The photograph posted by David Beckham on Instagram, showing son Brooklyn sitting next to an elf.

Brooklyn was not happy with this post (quite obviously), and was waiting for a moment when he could get back at his superstar dad. He finally got his moment and on 25th December, posted photos of his dad sleeping soundly on a sofa, covered in chocolates. The post must have given Brooklyn a great sense of satisfaction, especially considering the fact that it has been liked by hundreds of thousands of people. The post’s caption reads ‘Caught my dad asleep.’ and has both David and Victoria Beckham tagged, followed by the hashtag ‘#kissesfromthebeckhams. Check out the pictures:

David Beckham The former England captain seems to be in a deep sleep, not realising that he’s covered in chocolates. Well, he was considered to be quite a chocolate boy in his younger days!
David beckham

Brooklyn must currently be loving the sweet taste of revenge, but you never know what tricks Daddy Becks has up his sleeve. I’m sure they’re not done with this little father-son battle, and there are more comical pictures to come. While Beckham Senior and the oldest Beckham Junior are battling it out on social media, we’re more than happy to sit back and enjoy the show. Let’s see if the iconic footballer can make a comeback before the year ends!

Which post was funnier? David’s or Brooklyn’s? Tell us in the comments section!