Dead as a Character, but Charlie Sheen is Alive in our Hearts!


Dead as a Character, but Charlie Sheen is Alive in our Hearts!

Let’s get our drinks up, its Charlie Sheen’s birthday. The 50 year old American actor cum director Carlos Irwin Estévez born on September 3rd 1965 in New York City will be celebrating his golden birthday today.

Even though his character died in “Two And A Half Men” he made sure to his work and his character leave a mark on the audience. The carefree, alcoholic, womanizer gave us some pretty good advice.

  1. For all those people who feel love can hurt them or love is hurting them. Try this.

The best way to not get your heart broken is pretending you don’t have one

2. No remorse for the moaners. Life is to live and Charlie Sheen know how to live it and live it well.

Charlie-Sheen-bday-quote4 (1)
Sorry my life is so much more bitchin that yours. I planned it this way.

3. Charlie Sheen doesn’t believe in giving up. He keeps his head and himself high and continue winning.

The only thing I’m addicted to right now is winning.

4. Who says Daru is bad for mind and body? For people with brain cells in abundance don’t really care.

Alcohol is for people who can afford to lose some brain cells.

5. Love or hate chose one side, love hate together leave you nowhere.

You either love yourself or hate it. You live in the middle you get nothing.

For all the Sheen fans make sure to send your love to him. Send him tons of birthday wishes and how much we would like to see more of him in the near future.