Deepak Goes To Starbucks For The First Time : True Story


Deepak Goes To Starbucks For The First Time : True Story

A Facebook post (about a street kid named Deepak ) shared by a user named Amod Sarang is going viral. Want to know why ? Continue reading……

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Deepak Goes To Starbucks For The First Time-Fantoosy
Image Credits: Facebook

Original Post :

So last night my friend and I walked into this little one named Deepak. He lives on the streets of colaba. When we first approached Deepak he was really scared and didn’t smile at us but after I took him in my arms and spoke to him for a bit he got comfortable in no time and agreed to come to Starbucks with us. He entered the place like a boss and said he always wanted to know what happens inside.

On asking him what he wanted to eat he quickly pointed to the cheesecakes. Not one but two!

Before he could start eating I took him to the washroom to wash his hands. I have never seen anyone get so happy entering a washroom. He couldn’t believe how clean the water was and joyfully kept splashing water on his face. After reaching our table Deepak quickly started eating and after a few bites he started feeding the two of us with his hands. After a every bite he would run around the entire place and come back and jump on the seats there. By the end of it he got so comfortable with me that he slept on my lap,kept clinging on to me and also kissed me goodbye on his own. When I went to drop him back his sister who is 15 came running to me and told me how I look so much like Aditya roy kapur and that she’s a big fan of his. Probably the only time I felt nice about being compared to the guy. This isn’t the first time I’ve done something like this but definitely the first time im putting it up on Facebook as I’ve recently understood the power of social media. The whole point is to value the things we have and also creating value. We waste food and water all the time. Some of us dont even like sharing our food. Its not about taking them to fancy places, it’s about touching more lives and encouraging and empowering them to lead a better life. I told him how it is important to wash hands before eating. Also that even if you’re parents don’t put you in a school you can do great things in life and once you do you can come to these places on your own.

No concert can give you so much joy. No fancy car or dress would make you feel so good about yourself. We all have a gift apart from the things we want to achieve in life , my gift is healing. I can’t see suffering. Probably I wasn’t born to drive around in fancy cars. Maybe I have a bigger role in life. Let’s gift each other some more compassion as there’s enough of hatred and violence already in this world. Life is all about being happy and making life better for others.

For every cause there is an effect , yet you have to act first to put out the causes, for the effects to manifest. Waiting for the world to act on love and peace is like standing in front of a wood stove demanding heat. Until you provide the fuel there will be no effect. You act first, TODAY .

This sure is a heartwarming story.