Defined Pros of Love or Arrange Marriage


Defined Pros of Love OR Arrange Marriage.

If we were told to take a pick we would probably get confused. Both the kind of arrangements have their own benefits and charm.  Arrange marriage brings in all the little thrills and surprises with it and on the other hand love marriage is a tried and tested idea where you know what you’re getting into. The whole debate would never come to an end but to level up the fun and excitement we bring you some well defined pros of both kinds of marriages. All these points can’t get any more real. Take a look down below and decide for yourself.

Better understanding in Love Marriage:

You both have dated for over a period of events now. There could possibly be nothing you don’t know about each other. The concept of love marriage is like playing a safe card because it is not going to bring you anymore shocks or surprises.

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Couples have less expectations in Arrange Marriage:

Both the partners have just met and have not even properly started to know each other as of now. No one expects anything out of the other person unless they have spent a good amount of time with them and are in friendly terms. Enjoy the beauty of this arrangement if you get a chance to experience it.

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Love Marriages are flexible:

Is there some weird habit about your partner that is bothering you majorly? Guess why are you so lucky? It is because you can walk up to them and tell them the problem without any hesitation. That’s the reason love marriages are so famous amongst the new generation. Freedom of speech has a lot to do when it comes to choosing your live partner or giving your family the privilege to choose one for you.

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Full support of friends and family in Arrange in Marriage:

No matter what you’re going through, No matter how worse the situation has become. The best part about arrange marriage is that you can consult your friends and family and take advice from them. You can easily reach out to your family because they are also equally responsible for the choice they made for you. India is one Country that truly celebrates and supports the concept of Arrange Marriage. You will easily find couples on the streets who have been married for over fifteen years and are still in love with each other completely.

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No amount of awkwardness in Love Marriage:

You two have had your ups and down. You have shared and experienced each other’s embarrassing moments. The best part about love marriages is that there is zero level of awkwardness and that you can truly be your stupid and weird self.

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Arrange marriage brings out more physical attraction:

You two are basically new to each other. You are still in the process of knowing each other’s habits and lifestyle. The physical attraction between such arranged marriage couples is very high. You can’t wait to cherish your first kiss with your partner and certainly the thoughts about it brings the chills inside of you.

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Do you have any more Pros to add? What is your favorite kind of Marriage? Do share your views and opinions in the comment section down below.