Delhi Couple Robbed at Gun Point: Rolling Down Your Windows to Help is Not a Good Idea Anymore


Delhi Couple Robbed at Gun Point: Rolling Down Your Windows to Help is Not a Good Idea Anymore

Yes, you read it right. This is happening in our capital, Delhi. Rolling down your windows to help someone is not a good idea anymore. Cops are supposed to create an environment where such incidents should not happen but the cops of our city reacts only after the crime is committed. Our life and its safety is in our hands not the cops. Should we from now on must carry our own weapons and learn to use them to face such situations??? So frankly either we stop going out for late nights or we learn to defend ourselves. As it is one would only serve a life term if a robber is eliminated in the process. Guess that’s why these guys care two hoots about law, so why should the common citizen be scared of such a law.

Read through the entire incident of this gun point robbery:

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Delhi Couple Robbed at Gun Point Rolling Down Your Windows to Help is Not a Good Idea Anymore

Got Robbed at GUN POINT yesterday night….well 2 guns actually !

Yesterday night was quite a night, not the one you would want to live through.

Me, Sakshi & our teammate Iliyas were coming from CCD @Taj at 1:55AM and as Iliyas had booked a cab from Rajouri garden to dwarka, we drove below the flyover and stopped our car at Rajouri garden main red-light, under the flyover (where you can see all the malls in front of you).

It was hardly 5 mins of waiting for his cab, our car engine was on, doors locked and windows rolled up. As per us, we were safe. And then a single man driven Swift dezire (totally unsuspecting, non threatening) stops beside us waving us to roll down the window for directions, as I rolled down the window he asked me some random direction and when I told him he kept on asking me same question again, as if he did not get the answer. As I kept explaining him, suddenly a man appears right on my window with a pistol, stopping me from rolling the windows up and shouting “car band car warna goli maar dunga”

Startled, I tried to fist fight with him and pushed his pistol outside the car but then suddenly it dawned on me, it’s a pistol, my life is more important than probably what he wants, as a reaction before he became violent, I said – ” ok ok, kya chahiye bolo, aaram se, ye lo band kar di car”

Then suddenly another man approaches from other side, where Sakshi was sitting, again with a pistol, tried to open the door which got unlocked as soon as i turned engine off (fu*king hyundai’s feature). I started shouting again asking the guy to not open the door at Sakshi’s side, as I had just promised to co-operate the first guy asked the other to leave her alone.

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Then starts the loot, one of them grabbed my gold chain and pulled it, the other asked me to take out by Gold Kada. I kind of tried to fist fight again to save that Kada but then one of them loaded the gun and threatened to shoot, I said – “ok, le jao”

And then suddenly they see a police patrol gypsy approaching and fled the scene. We did get time to note car number UP14 CN 3306.

Delhi Couple Robbed at Gun Point Rolling Down Your Windows to Help is Not a Good Idea Anymore
Details of the Vehicle on which robbers fled.
VAHAN (space) vehicle no to 7738299899 to get details of any vehicle. 
eg. VAHAN UP11RT1234

Things which surprise me:

1. We were in extremely well lit area.
2. Police check post was 50 meters away from the spot.
3. There cars passing by, it was not a secluded spot.
4. The third man, parked the car in front of us, blocked our way and joined other 2 in loot, he did not have any fear of being caught for which he needed to keep the engine of his car on or sit in it and wait for other 2 guys.
5. Police Patrol gypsy did not drive towards us, infact they did not even bother. It was just the robbers ran away coz of their fear, not that police was even looking in that direction.


1. Do not roll down your windows in Delhi even to help someone with directions.
2. Keep your doors Locked at all times.
3. Police is pretty much useless.

I am still NOT blaming the 2 AM timing, why?

1. Same thing happened with someone close last year at broad day light at 12:30 PM on a road full of vehicles. no one noticed.
2. Similar versions I heard from multiple people in last one year at different times in the day.
3. Police reaction on reporting was so useless that i felt thats the number one reason why these kinda crimes are happening.


1. Filed an FIR. SHO is promising to track this down, apparently he is the dare devil top cop of west Delhi, woh alag baat hai ki his officers behaved extremely lousy.
2. Pursuing it with DCP parallely.
3. Sending the request with FIR to Commissioner, vice president’s office, President’s office, Home Ministry, CM of Delhi as well as PM.

Not sure what will it fetch me, not my gold am sure. But idea is to ensure authorities have enough pressure to be on their toes…
so that this does not happen again….
ok! for the longest time….
alright ! in that area atleast…..
yeah thats the level of trust i have right now in law enforcement.

For late night travelers, not just in Delhi…

1. Do not roll down your windows even to help someone with directions.
2. Keep your doors Locked at all times.

Please spread the word, share this, coz i am sure modus operandi of these goons is same. atleast you and your dear ones can avoid being a victim.