Delhi Girl Harassed By OlaCabs Driver : Disgraceful Behaviour


Delhi Girl Harassed By OlaCabs Driver : Disgraceful Behaviour

Cab services like OlaCabs have really helped a lot of people who have had trouble with conveyance, especially in a city like New Delhi. But we all know that every single situation has its negative points. Samreen Khan, a resident of New Delhi who was travelling in an OlaCab, was subject to harassment from the driver of her cab. She was wise enough to make the incident public through her Facebook profile, once the OlaCab management failed to help her with the situation. Here is what she had to say on her Facebook profile, on 9th Dec :

“Spreading a word regarding ‘Olacabs’
I took a ‪#‎Ola‬ from Gurgaon to Indirapuram, Ghaziabad. The driver stopped the car twice in the middle of the trip, once to pee roadside and another time by saying that he wants to check the air in the tyre.

The driver of the OlaCab, who didn’t move from the spot for quite a while after the customer’s journey was over.

I was listening to music and was sitting diagonally to the driver’s seat. Unfortunately I had a injury in my right feet and had to keep it on the seat. Then what I saw was extremely ridiculous. The driver started moving his limbs in a strange way and started sweating. I saw him biting his fingers and moving his palm on his thighs, trying to kind of mustarbate. I made him conscious of his actions by increasing pitch of my voice and asked him to speed up, he then was so rash in his driving that an accident was about to take place. He was repeatedly doing the same activities. In the mid of my way I decided to call one of my friend and informed him of my location. On reaching my destination, I launched a complaint with Ola, but they weren’t able to help me much with this. The ola people just kept transferring my call from one person to another. Another disgusting part of the incident was that he did not go away for another 2-3 hours from my vicinity because the ola people had blocked his further rides. Had to face lot of inconvenience, firstly because of being unwell, secondly coz of the nuisance and thirdly because the ola people couldn’t help me with the driver standing below my building, inquiring about me from the passerby’s.

The number plate of the OlaCab that Samreen was in.

Please repost this so that female’s of our country can be aware about cab services and the consequences they can lead to.

The slow processes in our country and the sick mentality of men lead to incidents like rape.

Please avoid services of Ola. Terrible experience !!

Posting few pictures about the same…

Had to ask for police help as Ola
did not help me …”

This is absolutely disgraceful behaviour on the part of a cab agency which has been created to help people, not put them in dangerous situations such as this.

OlaCabs then got back to Samreen, seeing the responses to her posts on social media. Here is a part of her Facebook status update from 10th Dec:

A screenshot of the introduction to Samreen’s second status update, on December 10th.
“Now that ‪#‎Ola‬ has assured me that they are investigating in the matter and will ensure women safety measures by introducing a kind of a location tracker over their app, where in the passenger can press the button in case of any emergency and the team will be right there for help and also by introducing women drivers all over India especially for women passengers. I am expecting really a positive response from the company for not just my safety but also to avoid such incidences in future.”
Although it would be unfair to blame OlaCabs completely for the incident, it still shows that women are not completely safe in our society due to the existence of men like this cab driver.
Samreen, though, deserves credit for having the courage to speak up about such an incident, and helping to spread awareness of the existence of such disgusting people in our nation’s capital.

If you have been through a similar situation, we urge you to speak up; tell us in the comments section!!!