Beware before Opening the Door! Delhi Robbery Takes a New Shape


Beware before Opening the Door! Delhi Robbery Takes a New Shape

Delhi robbery takes a completely new move.

Delhi, though was the rape capital for a long time but gradually its heading towards to be the crime capital with Delhi robbery taking a revamped form. While hit and runs and molestations along with the outrageous voices of Kanhaiya had been giving Delhi all its undesired attention, one more crime scene is soon on the list.

Delhi robbery at gun points on secluded streets  of the city and suburbs were common in the rape capital, but the crime scene has aggravated. A recent post on the social media from Karan Nayyar voicing out a message from the Rohini, Sec-03, Police Station hints the black clouds that are gripping Delhi populace.

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As according to the post, it is about a group of 3-4 men who may claim to knock your door during the scorched, silent afternoons. The group may identify themselves as members of any water organization. Well, if you are thinking you would immediately chase them off by a simple denial, Period! They have more to their plans.

Unlike any other water purification organisation, they won’t approach you with a purifier demo or fake repair service. Considering the recent water crisis in the city, these people have a great scheme to get a smooth entry through your doors. They mostly say they are for the installation of some shower caps in order to save misuse of water.

Delhi robbery
Delhi robbery

But wait! They have more to their plans. They are also heard of claiming themselves from BESCOM and are there to provide you free change of lights and bulbs. Well, if you step into the trap, be ready to be at gun-point as they are professional robbers who have been spotted in several areas.

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They usually target the homes during daylight with these fake services and then loot everything at gun point. S.K. Mahajan, the ACP of Rohini Sec-03, has firmly advised the citizens to keep their doors chained throughout the day.

While Delhi had already been tagged as the  Rape capital as well as one of the most polluted cities in the nation, this is indeed another unwanrted achievements in Delhi’s playlist.

So be safe and spread the word.