Delhi’s Air Quality Is Worse Than Beijing’s Smog – Forbes


Delhi’s Air Quality Is Worse Than Beijing’s Smog – Forbes

Beijing’s smog level has been all over the news recently, with photos and statistics flooding the internet. People have have gone to the extent of buying packaged air in the Chinese capital, as a remedial measure. Statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO), however, show that Beijing’s pollution condition isn’t the worst in the world. India has also been known for its alarming pollution levels. In our country, we have been facing similar issues with Delhi’s Air Quality. These statistics obtained by Forbes, show that some places in the world have up to 50% more pollution than Beijing, and a major cause for concern in India is that Delhi seems to be leading that list.

Check out this photograph from :

Delhi's Air Quality
Source: Statistics courtesy of EPA, infographic by Bailey Brautigan.

According to another comparison by, the comparison between Delhi’s Air Quality and that of Beijing is :

Delhi's Air Quality
Comparison of Beijing and Delhi’s pollution levels, by

It’s pretty evident from these statistics that living conditions in Delhi are alarming due to the uncontrollable pollution levels. Although the government is taking steps to try and control the Indian capital’s pollution, it seems like the situation is far more serious than most people realise.

Delhi is home to over 18 million people who travel and inhale the city’s toxic air everyday. This will be a major concern to parents, who would be very concerned about their children growing up under such dangerous conditions. Let us hope that the government’s steps towards improving Delhi’s Air Quality are successful, and that residents can breathe a sigh of relief soon.

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