Depression- A Feeling Of Misery


Depression- A Feeling of Misery

Depression is like a race. You either win it or you don’t make it through. This particular condition is very tricky. You might not even recognize a person with depression. People who are into low spirits look perfectly fine from the outside but they are fighting a severe battle within them.

Here are few reasons which would help you figure out that depression is a lot more serious that you think it is and why we need to understand it.

A depressed person is not a weak person:

This condition is sure a sign of illness but that doesn’t mean it is your weakness. People facing this condition tend to break down often but that doesn’t mean they are wear by any means.

not weak

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It can happen in all ages:

This illness is not limited to a certain age group. A 55 years old women to a teenage kid, everyone can go through this and it’s completely normal.

Depression graph

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Making jokes on depressed people is no swag:

You think you are going to sound cool by doing this? We don’t think so. Not only is this morally very wrong, it also lowers you down as a person and tell a lot about your teachings and values.

Pulling jokes

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Good listener:

Don’t just pretend to be listening to a depressed person. These people crave to be heard. The least you can do it sit down and have a word or two with them.

good listener

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Provide or seek help:

If you are going through this stage or you know someone who is then immediately ask or provide them help. This illness should be treated as soon as possible so that the person can come out of it stronger.

need help

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The most common thing a person decides to do when going through depression is to end their life. They give up badly on themselves and everything around them.

suicide attempts

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Harming your own self:

This is a common thing for people with depression. They are famously termed as cutters. They think that hurting themselves is a solution for their pain which obviously is not true.

hurting your own self
hurting your own self

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