What Everyone should Know about Depression and Suicide – No JUDGING Anyone!!!


What Everyone should Know about Depression and Suicide –  No JUDGING Anyone!!!

As Indians, all of us grew up watching all sorts of Indian television series. Let’s not deny how much we loved watching Balika Vadhu. Avika Gor had been the lead in the first few seasons, followed by Pratyusha Banerjee.  The story portrayed the bitter truth of the Indian society in rural areas. There was nothing to hate about the Balika Vadhu series. You will be shocked to know that one of the lead actress committed suicide.

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What Everyone should Know about Depression and Suicide

It was extremely saddening to hear about Pratyusha committing suicide at her Mumbai’s Kandivali house by hanging herself from the ceiling, leaving her family and friends agonized. They believe that it was shocking for someone so chirpy and bubbly to take such a big step. Rumors have it that she had been depressed due to lack of good roles.

In today’s world, depression has become as common as headaches. Commonly, depression is used to describe feelings of disappointment, sadness or helplessness. But depression has much more to it. Even living through a single day can be overwhelming. Common symptoms of depression being sadness, loneliness, loss of appetite etc, some people don’t feel sad at all. Feeling lifeless, lost and apathetic and the emotions of restlessness and aggression particularly in case of men, form a few of several other symptoms.

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Depression doesn’t necessarily drive a person to suicide. In case of depression being untreated leads to suicide. As traumatic as depression is, people tend not to believe a person if they talk about suicide. Depression and suicide are stereotyped in our society which makes it difficult for a person to sought help on their own. Whether or not the person is thinking of doing it, it is advised to take such remarks seriously and sought medical help for the same.

Suicide is the cause of moderate to severe depression along with other risk factors. Depression alone can never be the only ground for a person harming themselves so drastically.  Alchohol-abuse and drug-abuse have frequently proved fatal for victims of depression. Other risk factors include family history of suicide and mental disorder, prior suicide attempt, separation by divorce, adverse life events and so on.

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AASRA helpline, suicide,

There have been several helplines issued in accordance to the prevention of suicide. Founded in 1960, AASRA works for the same cause. With Deepika Padukone coming out about her story about depression, gave hope to millions. All one needs to do is- TALK. Keeping things bottled up never helped anyone. Whenever in despair, always know someone loves you and cares for you. You only need to open your eyes and see.