Dhadak – (2018) Movie Review


Dhadak – (2018) Movie Review

DHADAK (2018). Directed by : Shashank Khaitan. There has already been enough hype about this movie, one for being an official adaptation of the Marathi blockbuster Sairat (2016) and secondly for its fresh leading lady who is a star daughter. Let’s dissect this movie as a stand-alone release rather than comparing it to the already watched and critically acclaimed original.

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Dhadak - (2018) Movie Review

Set in the picturesque Rajasthan, a small town boy Madhukar (Ishaan) falls hopelessly in love with the upper caste heiress Parthavi (Jahnavi) whose father is politically inclined and infamous for his notorious background. As evident in most love stories, the families oppose and the star crossed lovers elope first to Mumbai then Nagpur and finally settle in Kolkata. Thereafter begins a roller coaster ride for the lovers who face the dark and hard reality of what “life” actually has to offer them.

Direction by Shashank Khaitan is mediocre, he has already gained repute with his Dulhania series with Varun Dhawan & Alia Bhatt, but somehow he falters over here. It’s the high grand production values of Karan Johar that must be mentioned, the breathtakingly beautiful and scenic locations and sets are a delight to watch and so are the immaculately perfectly crafted cinematography and art direction. Full credit to Johar for investing in making this very average film at least look picture perfect on screen.

Music by Ajay Atul is fine and only two songs viz Zingaat & the title track are impressive. The editing, Screenplay and dialogues are passable and not worth even mentioning.

On the acting front Ishaan is fantastic for a newcomer, he slips easily into his role of a middle class Rajasthani boy and impresses with his comic timing and flare for romance and emoting, he laughs wholeheartedly and cries convincingly making his acting appear realistic rather than flimsy. Genetically plastic Jahnavi can’t emote, there is not a single nerve that can stabilise emotions on her blank face, for a author backed role like that she’s a complete disaster inclusive of the cringe worthy dialogue delivery.

Ashutosh Rana is excellent as the heroine’s father, the violent streak in his expressive eyes says much more than any dialogue could convey. Kharaj Mukherjee as the beningn old Bengali landlord is simply adorable while Ankit Bisht and specially Shridhar Watsar as the hero’s friends are perfectly cast and play their part well. Govind Pandey & Aishwarya Narkar (as hero’s parents) and Shalini Kapur (Heroine’s mother) have limited screen presence and fit their roles.

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Overall DHADAK looks beautiful on screen and can be well divided into two parts, the first half as Rajasthan tourism promotion and the post interval as Kolkata city tour. Somewhere the soul of the story is missing and very unfortunately the director hasn’t been able to identify that. Even if we do not compare it to the original the only deviation is a slightly twisted and graphic climax that may not go down well with some viewers, yet to give DHADAK its due credit it’s definitely a one time watch.

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