Died to Click Selfie? Is it true?


Died to Click Selfie? Is it true?

Remember the day when the whole world got drifted with the shocking news of a girl meeting death just because of a selfie? Well! The concept about the whole story of the law student from Rajasthan being dead is entirely false! Much to relief for her family and her sentiments, she was declared dead at the initial stage by some rumors and it turned out to be just a gossip for everyone! The story which was heard in the original stage explicitly described that a girl in the quest of a selfie at Gokarna town of Karnataka met with an accident and then ended up with her death. However, a little encounter with her family members clarified that Pranita Mehta had not visited the lighthouse on that day!

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However this was just not all, and when some of the people had a little encounter with her friends, they got an open statement- “The entire incident has been falsely reported. She was washed away by a tide along with some of her friends. The silly story about clicking a selfie is entirely false.” According to witnesses and as stated in the First Information Report filed at the Gokarna Police Station of Uttar Kannad District, Pranita was sitting with three friends on rocks by the sea at Kumta Beach at Gokarna when she was swept away by the tide. She had held on to a rock for support but lost her grip, and was carried away by the current into the sea. Her body was brought back to the shore by local fishermen 40 minutes after the accident, and she was declared dead.

Contrary to extensive press coverage that followed the accident, in which Pranita’s death was incorrectly depicted as a consequence of careless selfie-taking, she did not, in fact, fall to her death off a 30-foot lighthouse. The Post Mortem Report does not cite any injuries which may have resulted from such a fall. The police received the above information this afternoon from Pranita’s friends who were present at the time of the accident and had filed the FIR. We apologize to Pranita’s family and friends for hurting their sentiments and accusing her memory by publishing an incorrect account of her death. We also apologize to our readers for relying on other newspapers for this story without verifying their sources.

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Pranita Mehta | Source: Facebook

Pranita, who was a student of National Law University, Jodhpur, was visiting Gokarna with four of her friends. They were at Kumta beach and were sitting on some rocks which were about 10-15 feet above the sea, when due to unexpected high tide, 3 of the youngsters, including the deceased, were flown away by a giant wave.  Two of them were brought back to the shore by another wave, but the dead, whose glasses had come off, continued to struggle as she held on to a rock for the support she bravely fought and tried to swim for 45 mins.

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However, the copy of the FIR and the post mortem report has been removed as per the family member’s wishes.