Disposable Plates and Glasses will be Banned in Manali from 31 March, 2016


Disposable Plates and Glasses will be Banned in Manali from 31 March, 2016

Disposable glasses and plates will be fully banned in Manali in Himachal Pradesh from 31 March, 2016. This is a good decision made by the higher authorities of Manali, which will reduce the environmental pollution. Banning of disposable plates and glasses will really turn out to be a blessing!!!

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Disposable Plates and Glasses will be Banned in Manali from 31 March, 2016

“Initially, the ban on use of disposable glasses and plates will be imposed in the main town area and only extended later to areas falling under our entire jurisdiction. These items, especially glasses, can be seen strewn across the town. Tourists prefer buying items like disposable glasses and plates and then throw them anywhere,” said Manali Municipal Council President Shabnam Tanwar to a news channel.
Environmentalist M C Thakur, who took imitative in banning use of plastic bags in Himachal Pradesh, said, “Polythene bags are spoiling the environment in the hill state. At an environment meet on Rohtang pass in 1994, then chief minister Virhbhadra Singh had taken concrete step to ban plastic bags in the state and it was banned in Manali in 1995. It is a matter of happiness that Manali is going a step ahead and banning disposable glasses and plates.”

Manali municipal council and administration are very adamant in punishing those people who are purposefully throwing wastes to pollute the environment. If the people are throwing house hold wastes to the roads they have to pay a fine of 5000 Rs. The authorities are very strict with the tourists also.

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The same strategy was adopted in Shimla in which the state government has taken a decision to ban disposable plastic products like plastic cup, plate and glass since the non-biodegradable wastes are proving to be a villain on our environment. This decision will help to maintain the beauty of Shimla, the hilly area.

This is a welcoming decision made by the authorities in Manali. Actually they are giving importance to the theme Clean India, Green India. Lets wish that the similar decision would soon be adopted in other Indian states also!!!