Don’t Expect Gurgaon Police to HELP if Ola, Uber Drives Misbehaves


Don’t Expect Gurgaon Police to HELP if Ola, Uber Drives Misbehaves with Ladies.

It’s really very upsetting if police reacts in such a way to the common problems of people. There has been several such incidents in past too however instead of taking a learning and implementing corrective measures Gurgaon Police reluctantly washes away their hands when such incidents are reported to them. How female or citizens will survive in Gurgaon or NCR is Police would have such unhelping attitude? This incident needs to be brought to notice of competent authorities for further action and that’s what Anita ( Name Changed) has been trying. [ Read: This Uber Driver TUKI is being Appreciated for all the Good Reasons]

Nisha Sethi Gurgaon Police didn't Helped when Ola Uber Drives Misbehaves with this Lady

We are sharing details with you so that at least people will be aware of what actually is happening around them. Here is what Anita ( Name Changed on request) writes on her timeline. [ Read: Uber Driver and Passenger Exchange Roles, Passenger Almost Compelled to Drive By Uber Driver ]

This is to share an incident which happened with me today. I was at ‪#‎Gurgaon‬ and was trying to book a taxi from ‪#‎Uber‬. I booked 3 taxis one after another and as soon as driver got to know that I need to go to west Delhi they cancelled the ride and I was charged Rs 80 cancellation charge for each taxi booked by me. Finally I booked another taxi as per below mentioned details. Driver called me and asked where you want to go I said please pick me first as I have to go near by. After knowing this driver came and picked me. As soon as I boarded the cab he started moving and asked where I want to go, I informed him my destination. As soon as he heard my destination he suddenly stopped on Highway and asked me to get down. I refused to do so and said you will drop me home as I have booked and boarded the taxi till my home. He played smartly and didn’t start the trip and after me refusing to get down from the taxi he cancelled the trip. He said “Madam kuch bhi ho, utarna to apko padega, main to leke nahi jaunga”. I requested him to drop me as it was already 7:30 pm and I was getting late for my home. He rudely refused and said I will not drop you anywhere.
Finally I said if you will not take me I will call ‪#‎police‬. He said I am not scared of the cops, do whatever you want to do, but you have to get down.
I called #100 (police control room). Call landed up to ‪#‎Delhi‬ #Police who simply refused to help as I was in Gurgaon. He said you are not ‪#‎Delhipolice‬ responsibility as you are in Gurgaon. I requested him to give me no. For Gurgaon Police.
I called Gurgaon Police and told him the incident. He said “Madam hum apko ghar bhijwane ke liye nahi baithe, jaise marzi jao.. kisi aur taxi se jao, bus se jao, train se jao, hamara theka nahi hai. I even told him that this cab driver is misbehaving with me and threatning me to get down from the cab. He said ” hum Is kaam ke liye yaha nahi baithe, aur bahut kaam hai hamare paas jao kahi aur phone lagao, hamara time mat barbaad karo and he hung up the phone.
After that I had no option left instead of getting down from the cab.
After this I really want to know where I can escalate this matter and also want to inform you all that not even a single female is safe while commuting via #Uber or ‪#‎Ola‬ taxi. Even if during any misshappening in Gurgaon… Gurgaon police will not be of any help.
So, please travel on your own risk.

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If citizens come across such an incident please do not sit idle. There are various ways that a citizen can highlight such incidents to competent authorities if  police is not ready to help you. Escalate this matter to the consumer grievance redressal, link is and post this whole incident on service providers customer care as well, so as to maintain your record and duty of reporting such incident and report this to a print media forum as well, you have captured the whole incident well and it is a good write up, many people will sit up and take notice, especially Uber once this reaches a well read daily and last do not loose hope, the social media is very strong, so be resourceful and use measures not covered also in this comment.