Driver Flees With Rs 1.37 Crore ATM Cash


Driver Flees With Rs 1.37 Crore ATM Cash

The driver of a van carrying cash to an ATM ran away with Rs 1.37 crore in new currency from Bengaluru’s KG Road area. This incident took place at 2:10pm on November 23, 2016, reports India Today. The van had stopped at a Bank of India (BOI) ATM and the van driver was supposed to deposit the money at the ATM there, but he got away with it.

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Driver Flees With Rs 1.37 Crore ATM Cash-Fantoosy
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“It is not appropriate to release the details right now, investigation is still underway,” Deputy Commissioner of Police Anucheth told ANI.

The driver who drove away with the cash is employed to an security agency called ‘Logi Cash’, that deposits money in ATMs for various banks. The money that was robbed, belonged to two different banks from where it was collected for depositing in ATM.

An officer said, “As per their process, the agency would collect the money from the various banks, go to their distribution centre and from there, based on the route given to them, deposit the money in different ATMs. This theft has happened while they were collecting the cash,”. He further said that, “The two employees of the agency went into the bank to ask if it had any money to deposit. The security guard in the vehicle also stepped out for recess, leaving his weapon behind. During this time, the drivers drove away with the cash,”. Reports Times Of India.

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This sure is a bad time for such a robbery to arise, as there’s already a massive cash crunch in the banks and ATMs due to the ban of old Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes.