Four Drunk Girls Travelling in Delhi Metro Abuses a Guy on Women’s Day Eve


Four Drunk Girls Travelling in Delhi Metro Abuses a Guy on Women’s Day Eve

While everyone was posting Happy International Women’s Day yesterday, the real power of these four drunk Delhi girls was captured by a fellow passenger in Delhi Metro. The girls were drunk and abusing fellow passengers openly in public though the actual cause will only come to light when the guy who was being abused comes out and files a complaint. No complaint has been filed from the girls end as well.

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Alcohol does terrible things to people!  It is getting worse as people are losing their culture and values. The drunk girls were caught red-handed in this video. We have often seen people landing into argument for seats and end up using abusive language against one another however what we saw in this video was not normal at all. This video was shot while the Delhi Metro was approaching Patel Nagar Metro Station late evening on March 8, 2016. If someone from the crowd would have slapped or stopped them they might have landed into jail or would have been taken into task by women rights activists. The women rights authorities will to dharnas on road however it is yet to know what kind of action they will be taking on such rowdy girls.

Yes, there are news everywhere that women have started to react to all the offensive things happening against them and that’s really a good sign. Everyone must speak about the wrong doings and support one another however.

Warning: This video contains offensive language which some readers may wish to avoid.


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We hope that this is surely one of the example of women empowerment going wrong. These type of lady goons are actually inviting danger to themselves.

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So feminist what about crime against men? No Such law Exist? No doubt these days women / girls are misusing the benefits given by Law/Govt/Society to them. But its Freedom of expression. Think if same happened with a woman by a man in metro? It would be better if the incompetent authorities show the same concern against girls like these.
Let’s see what action is being initiated against these girls.