Dunkirk (2017) : Hollywood Movie Review


Dunkirk (2017) : Hollywood Movie Review

Dunkirk : “All we did was survive” says one of the soldiers evacuated from the titular beach during World war II. “That’s enough” responds a gentleman standing to congratulate them. This line of dialogue sums up the core theme of noted writer- director Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dunkirk’. A war film, this ain’t. This is infact, a survival film.

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Perhaps, that could be the reason Nolan invests more time in depicting the fear and haplessness of a stranded army rather than on actual character development. Get surprised to know that most of the characters in Dunkirk are unnamed and the cliché of their families anxiously waiting back home for their return is thankfully avoided. This is a highly unrelenting true story told exactly the way it is…with no added baggage or bravura.

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Depicting the real life evacuation of more than three hundred thousand allied soldiers who were stranded on Dunkirk beach after it was captured by the enemy (Curiously, Nolan avoids mentioning the name Germany or Hitler anywhere..), the movie is split non linearly in to three sub plots interwining each other.

First : A young British soldier (Fionn Whitehead, impressive) and his gradually developing friendship with a fellow soldier over the course of the evacuation.

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Second : A sailor named Dawson (the ever dependable Mark Rylance) with his son and friend set out in their boat to evacuate those stranded off Dunkirk.

Third : Three spitfire pilots (Tom Hardy as one of them) battle the enemy’s Luftwaffe planes mid air.

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Nolan achieves maximum effect with minimum dialogues and an outstanding background score (Hans Zimmer, take a bow!). The overall outcome is so breathtakingly spectacular; I strongly recommend my readers to please experience this one on the big screen only, preferably IMAX. The battle scenes are mind blowing, the technical aspects extraordinary and the pace super racy.

In the league of yesteryear classics like ‘Where Eagles Dare’ (1968) and ‘The Guns of Navarone’ (1961), Dunkirk will be remembered for years to come.

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