Easy Ways to Avoid Escalator Accidents


Easy Ways to Avoid Escalator Accidents

Escalator accidents are very common. You must have heard different stories about kids, youngsters, adults and elders meeting with an accident while using escalator at malls and other public places. Most of these escalator accidents are caused due to lack of knowledge and ignorance. It is very important that we follow some basic precautions while using escalators.

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Easy Ways to Avoid Escalator Accidents

Sadly, children and senior citizens suffer a disproportionately high number of escalator accident injuries. Here are couple of known escalators safety measures which you could follow and share with your loved ones:

1. Stand in the middle of the escalator step; do not lean against the sides. Leaning towards the side of the escalator may lead to falling and causing severe escalator accidents. Escalator falls are fatal so make sure you stand in the middle of escalator steps.

2. Do not leave kids alone while using an escalator. Remember and make it a point that children should always ride with an adult while using escalators. Do not run, play or walk towards the opposite direction while using escalators.

3. While you are using escalator to move up or come down always remember to exit immediately at the floor immediately on reaching the destination instead of waiting for others behind you.

4. Make sure you keep your shoes inner surface of the ‘Yellow Lines’ as seen in the image.

An Escalator Almost To The Floor

5. Shoe laces have a history of causing fatal escalator accidents while one is using elevators. If you are wearing shoes with laces, make sure your shoes are tied properly before using the escalator.

6. While riding the elevator make sure you stand at a distance from the doors and hold the handrail.

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7. Make sure you never take a walker, stroller, wheelchair, or cart on an escalator. If you are carrying any of these please do use elevators. Carrying these could be fatal for you as well as other people using escalator.

8. If you are wearing lose clothes with frills etc. or long floor touching gowns, make sure you take control of all lose ends before using the escalator. In such a case our advice would be to use an elevator instead of escalator.

9. Never use escalator if you are feeling drowsy, weak or caring too much of luggage, instead use an elevator.

10. Follow all escalator safety signage carefully, if you have queries ask for assistance.

11. Be alert while you are using escalators. Do not try clicking pictures, playing mobile games, void messaging, don’t even think of taking selfies. If you see someone doing this point towards them and ask them to stop politely. These things can be used once you step out of escalators.

12. We often see see broken teeth on comb plates and massive step to skirting gaps, there’s probably no safety cut outs either. If you come across such safety lapse regarding the escalator make sure you report it to the appropriate authorities and make a note in their log books so that they are compelled to fix such safety lapse.

We hope this information will help you and others. If you think these are important information please pass them to your friends and family.