EduAwake: An Online Store for Kid’s Educational Resources!!


EduAwake: An Online Store for Kid’s Educational Resources!!

EduAwake is an exclusive online store that provides educational materials for school kids. To minimize the difficulties one face while purchasing the educational materials from stationery shops, a Bengaluru-based e-commerce startup launched EduAwake.

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EduAwake An Online Store for Kid’s Educational Resources!!

EduAwake is bringing all school purchases together by connecting schools, parents, subject-matter experts, and vendors.  This is a great relief for parents since they no longer have to run here and there to collect various educational materials for their kids. EduAwake is a common podium for writers, tutors, educational startups, and suppliers to sell their books or other products and services.

“While getting school purchases for our own kids, we realized there was a whole new world of school material we weren’t aware of. For instance, midyear reference material for exams like Science Olympiad or NTSE exam. Like us, most parents have annual budgets so they are not prepared for many of these purchases until they become urgent needs. We felt all these heads must come under one platform,” shares Martin Paul, Co-founder of EduAwake.

He along with his friend Saravanan Lakshmanan co-founded Givevalu Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd in August 2014, from which EduAwake was born out of their 14 years of experience in technology/solution architecture and customer delivery management.

EduAwake’s B2C platform comprises of 1,200 product listings such as learning aids, DIY activity kits, toys, school stationery, puzzles, books, games, and reference material for competitive exams, online programmes, educational board, subject, type, format and exam.

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“In just few months, the B2C website has had more than 12,000 visitors and over 200 sign ups without any major digital marketing efforts. We look forward to the months of January to May since that’s the time-frame for the schools in bulk orders,” adds Saravanan.
“Our revenue model is based on transaction fee from sellers/vendors as well as subscription fee from schools and advertisement revenue from schools/sellers. We would offer free subscription to schools initially and we also have a revenue plan from value-added services from sellers and schools through market insights and analytics,” shares Saravanan, about their earnings from EduAwake.
“Competitors for B2C marketplace model are major e-commerce players, but none of them are focussed on school/education vertical. We plan to further narrow down to more niche products. And for B2B, we don’t have any competitors,” says Martin. This makes EduAwake different from other online educational resources.
“From day one, we saw ourselves wearing multiple hats from peon to coder to marketer to director, which was challenging, but mostly the freedom of thinking and slowly getting to see the positive outcomes of our efforts is gratifying,” says Martin.
“Our vision for this product is to be the world’s best technology integration solution for conducting business for all the top quality educational products and services,” concludes Saravanan.
“DISE, Techno park Analysis had said that 1.4 million schools in India are in K12 school segment and with 0.3 million of these are private schools. This segment has an additional requirement of 40,000 more schools and two million additional teachers. We are addressing this opportunity,” adds Martin.

EduAwake is a good venture and it is a real blessing for all the parents!