Electric Buses will Charge its Battery while Moving on the Way!


Electric Buses will Charge its Battery while Moving on the Way!

Moving electric buses moves with the help of electricity. Now electric buses that charge its battery during its motion is going to be a reality rather than a dream. This is a great innovation of Korean scientists at KAIST.

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Moving Electric Buses will Charge its Battery on the Way!

This will be possible in a asphalt roadway having some accurate length of seven and a half miles. Moving electric buses should be equipped with some special electric cables which enables battery charging. Now a days it is quite common we are wasting a lot of time while the buses undergoes lengthy charging in charging station causing troubles to the good infrastructure inside the bus.

This technology is based on “Shaped magnetic field in resonance”. That means an electric bus can be charged by the electromagnetic fields generated by the specialized cables buried under the path way. As electricity and magnetism are linked to each other, the electromagnetic fields have great power and intensity. This is applicable on electric vehicles only. Electromagnetic fields are converted into electricity by the rotating-coil in the battery. Electric vehicles are not attached with the electric cables. The conversion of electromagnetic fields to electricity is done by the receiving device in electric vehicles. Surely this innovation helps in the promotion of online electric vehicles in o day today life. These findings will make a remarkable changes in the transportation field with its positive impacts. The advantages of electric vehicles include less power consumption, pollution free, environment friendly, cost effective, time saving and it is also safe to drive. The main advantage is that it creates a green and healthy atmosphere.

I am sure these buses will not be less than a boon for our internment. So let’s pray that this amazing innovation will become practicable within a few days!!