Elephant Tramples Boy Who Tried to Take Selfie With it


Elephant Tramples Boy Who Tried to Take Selfie With it

A 15-year old boy was trampled to death by an elephant in the Araria district of Bihar, when he was trying to take a selfie with it.


According to reports, the boy, Mithun Paswan, who lived in Chandipur village under Palasi Police Station, was one of many in a crowd of people who had gathered at Majlispur Panchayat to see the wild elephant, which had supposedly entered the area from the forests of Nepal. The incident occurred on Thursday, 21st January, 2016.

The elephant was supposedly on a rampage in a maize field, when the victim, Mithun, and two of his friends were attempting to take a selfie with the gigantic animal. They reportedly got too close to it while trying to do this, and as thwy fled, Mithun was left behind and trampled by the elephant.

As soon as villagers and other spectators saw this, they raised an alarm, which was enough to make the animal leave the scene. The villagers then took Mithun to the hospital, but it was unfortunately too late, he was declared dead. The body was then sent for post-mortem to Araria, and an ex-gratia of Rs 20,000 was paid to the boy’s family. The area is now panic-stricken after the incident, and the elephant has apparently moved to another village, according to forest department officials.

This story is a lesson for us all – don’t we know better than to risk our lives to such an extent for the sake of a selfie? We should definitely not get carried away by frivolities to such an extent that we put our lives in danger. We can never be sure if we’ll be safe or not in such a situation. The elephant was a wild one, and it is part of it’s nature to protect and guard itself, so it cannot be blamed for the incident. We urge you, our readers, to be more careful and value your lives, instead of risking it for no real reason.

Do you think the villagers were wrong in making a big deal out of the elephant sighting? or do you think it was Mithun’s fault, completely? Tell us, in the comments section!