Expiry Date for Bottled Water: What does it Actually Implies?


Expiry Date for Bottled Water: What does it Actually Implies?

Expiry date is printed on every bottled drinking water. Have you ever noticed the expiry date on the bottles of purified mineral water? As far as water is concerned does this expiry date exists? Then why use before date is printed on the bottled water? Expiry date is obligatory for food items, beverages and medicines. But for water with a chemical structure H2O what does the expiry date actually implies?

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Expiry Date for Bottled Water
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Bottled water is pure and free of contaminants. It’s quality makes it safer to use. What are the factors that affect the quality of bottled water? May the plastic used for packing and the external environmental factors be the real villains?

The plastic used for packing bottled water when exposed to sunlight for many days react to form harmful chemicals such as Phthalates, Bisphenol-A which disrupts Testosterones and other hormones. And also increases the chances of breast cancer, brain lining damage, infertility in men and heart diseases. Extended use of mineral water bottles again and again permits the oozing of chemical compounds into water. This make the water unfit for drinking. Due to the porous form of plastic used to make the mineral water bottles, the bottles will produce foul smells, tastes and it will in turn become the storehouse of microorganisms.

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If you are too much concerned about your health avoid using the plastic mineral water bottles for long days. If it is used regularly wash it properly with warm water so that the bottle may be bacterial free. Do not expose the water bottles in direct sunlight as too much heat can cause the leaching of chemicals into the water. Very low temperature is also not good for the bottled water. This is the real meaning of the expiry date mentioned in bottled water.

How can we prevent the usage of plastic bottles? One option is that one can prefer stainless steel water bottles, glass water bottles instead of using plastic bottles. Hope this information is helpful and you understood about the significance of expiry date printed in the bottled water.