Eyes: The Heart To Our Body


Eyes: The Heart To Our Body

Have you ever wondered about your eyes? I know its utterly stupid of us to even ask. Obviously not, but what’s interesting here is, do you know the relation between two eyes? They never see each other but are always counted as a pair. They both actually might don’t even know each other’s existence but are always seen as a whole.

Here are some interesting facts about our gorgeous #eyes:

They blink together

eyes blinking

They move together

eyes moving

They cry together

eyes crying

They see together

seeing eyes

They sleep together

sleepy eyes

But when they see a pretty woman, only one of them winks 😛 

winking eye

Every part of our body is interesting in its own way but their is definitely something special about the eyes. The look beautiful and they are made to look out for beautiful things in the world and that’s the real beauty of this amazing organ.

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