Farhan Akhtar Joins Anushka On The Tweet Mistake Squad


Farhan Akhtar Joins Anushka On The Tweet Mistake Squad

Like any other common man this not so common man also tried to show his solace towards the world’s greatest loss Dr Kalam, but ended up joining the current talk of the town Anushka Sharma squad who misspelled the Late Kalam’s name wrong and repeated it back to back. He also showed his condolence towards the nations biggest loss by tweeting, but who knew he would also end up doing something that is least expected out of him.

If you missed out Anushka’s Blunder, you can read it here.


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Our beloved director Farhan Akhtar creates an error of a lifetime on his twitter handle by posting a tweet regarding the death of Abdul Kalam but what he didn’t know while tweeting was that he totally got his name wrong. Akhtar tweeted, “Deeply saddened to hear about the demise of one of the most inspirational Indians of our time, former President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Azad. RIP.”

However not many of his followers picked out on his blunder and unintentionally let it go but there is one person who secretly waits for Celebrities to mess up so that he could insult them on public platform and bring them into limelight. Kamaal R Khan openly tweets about Farhan Akhtar’s misspelled tweets and tries to show the world how disappointed he is in all these fancy educated Bollywood Celebrities.

kamaal-R-khan-retweets-about-the-blunder-of-Farah-AkhtarImage source: www.twitter.com

Farhan Akhtar obviously went back and corrected his gaffer but out of all these stories we hear about famous celebrities creating silly mistakes on social platforms, only one thing is understood that they definitely need to go back to school and take some GK classes before they sharpen their acting skills.

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