Female DSP Patrols City Late Night with her New Born Daughter


Female DSP Patrols City Late Night with her New Born Daughter

Simply doing a job is not important. One has to do it with utmost dedication. Then only the job offers complete mental satisfaction. Dedication, determination, confidence will help to attain success in life. If one is fully dedicated to his job, irrespective of the circumstances he will concentrate on doing the duty straightforward. Here is an example of a sincere job dedication by a female DSP!!!

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Female DSP Patrols City Late Night with her New Born Daughter
Archana Jha with her new born daughter.

A woman police officer is doing her duty in the late night with a walky-talky in her left hand and with her little daughter sleeping on her lap. This female DSP used to patrol the state capital in the late night. See how much dedicated and devoted is she towards her profession!Carrying her little chum she is rendering true service to the public.

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The name of the dedicated lady is Archana Jha, the deputy superintendent of police of Raipur crime branch in Chhattisgarh. She is doing her duty without any negligence.

Archana’s (Female DSP) husband is staying in Bilaspur, which is 120 kilometers away from the state capital, for his job purpose. So Archana had to take the sole responsibility of looking after their daughter alone.

Even during her pregnancy, Archana attended the duty when the chief minister of the state was on a visit to her area, this report said.

Only four-and-half months maternity leave is allotted for the DSP. Till the last days of her pregnancy she had done her duty extremely well.  Twice a week she had to do the night patrolling. On those days her two-year-old daughter will also be with her, as Archana is staying alone in her home.

Her daughter accompanies her till she completes the round, which at times takes the entire night, the report said.

As she is adamant in her duties she could maintain law and order perfectly in the area till this date. Lets hope her spirit towards her work continues forever.

Dear readers always keep this in mind: “Talent is cheap; dedication is expensive. It will cost you your life.”