Finding Dory (2016) Movie Review


Finding Dory (2016) Movie Review

More than a decade after ‘Finding Nemo‘ (2003) wowed its audience – adults and kids alike, Andrew Stanton brings the sequel shifting the focus to Dory – Finding Dory, the bright blue tang who had a supporting role in the original. [ Read: Udta Punjab [2016] – Movie Review]

Finding Dory (2016) Movie Review

Lil Dory, suffering from a ‘Ghajini’ (2008) like memory loss, is separated from her parents in an unfortunate incident. Nemo and his papa Marlin, the memorable clownfish, accompany Dory in finding them. The search leads to the quarantine section of Marine Life Institute where Dory’s childhood friend whale named Destiny and his fellow beluga called Bailey offer help. [ Read: The Angry Birds (2016) Movie Review


There’s also a color changing Octopus called Hank who barters help to Dory in exchange of her coveted “tag” which will give him a permanent place in Cleveland aquarium.

It’s all fun and Pixar’s animation continues to impress big time. The 3D effects add to the overall visual appeal. Technically, Dory ranks amongst the best animation seen in recent times. All aquatic creatures are extremely expressive.

The film also delivers the pertinent message of love towards parents – quite well timed for fathers day. Also, the point of aquarium fishes getting unduly stressed due to humans touching them is subtly highlighted. [ Read: Captain America – Civil War : Movie Review ]

All the actors lending their voices to various animated characters have done a fantastic job. I only didn’t get the relevance of all those ‘Sigourney Weaver’ announcements….a nod to old timers, maybe?

Overall, Finding Dory guarantees a good time with family and kids just like it’s predecessor ‘Nemo’ did. And yea, don’t miss the awesome short animation film titled ‘Piper’ just before the main feature.

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