Mumbai’s First Test Tube Baby Delivered a Baby Boy


Mumbai’s First Test Tube Baby Delivered a Baby Boy

Mumbai’s first test tube baby delivered a baby boy. You all may be familiar with the name Harsha Chavda Shah, India’s first test tube baby. Now Harsha has delivered a healthy baby boy without any artificial assistance. Mumbai’s first test tube baby has become a mother!! This paves a new way in the medical field proving that Test Tube Babies can conceive and deliver healthy kids naturally.

The delivery of Harsha has been through Cesarean section and the same doctors attended her who were behind her birth.

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“In Harsha’s case, we had to do a C-section because it indicated a breach presentation,” said infertility specialist, Dr Indira Hinduja.

Harsha and her husband are extremely delighted on seeing their new born face.

Mumbai’s First Test Tube Baby Delivered a Baby Boy

Harsha and Divyapal told The Times Of India, that the baby, born on the auspicious day of Shivratri, was a gift from God. “I am God’s gift and I believe my baby is also special,” said the mother in a feeble voice, still recovering from the surgery at Jaslok Hospital. “My baby is a blessing for me and there are no words to explain what I feel at this moment,” said Harsha. The blessed couple also added that they have not chosen a name for their kid.
Dr Hinduja “I remember the day Harsha was born. Her parents were on top of the world and so were we”. Dr.Hinduja was the doctor behind the birth of Harsha. Through her vitro fertilization treatment Harsha’s parents were blessed.
Today Harsha is enjoying the motherhood of a baby boy. She delivered a baby boy weighing 3.18 Kilos “ said the doctor.
“It is hard to believe that we have delivered more than 15,000 test-tube babies since that day,” said the doctor.
Over the years, Harsha and her medical creators have become a part of each other’s lives, sharing every occasion and achievement. “It is but natural that she chose us to deliver her baby,” said Dr Kusum Zaveri, who was a part of both deliveries.

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Now the rapidly emerging medical technologies are making every thing possible. Mumbai’s first test tube babies baby will always remain in the hearts of each and every Indian!