Five reasons Why You should Watch Dear Dad and Not Azhar This Weekend


Five Reasons Why You Should Watch Dear Dad and Not Azhar This Weekend

If biopics are your cups of coffee, then Dear Dad is indeed not a movie for you. If you are baffled by all the glitz and shine of the entertainment of the Bolly town, Dear Dad does not fit into the category of your watch list and Azhar probably takes the call. But if Bollywood means to give a try to unconventional subjects and embracing new opinions, then no wonder you should not invest your money on Azhar this weekend. When it comes to our advice, we are in the favour of Dear Dad rather than Azhar and here our 5 cool reasons we offer you to take the first one as your pick.

Dear Dad takes the lead over Azhar
Dear Dad takes the lead over Azhar

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Dear Dad welcomes into its script a completely out of the box topic. No clichéd love scenes, no Bollywood masala dialogues, no item songs and there you are with a completely new approach to alternative sexuality. And the interest zone does not end here. You have a father revealing his sexual preferences to his son. Quite untypical of Bollywood, isn’t it? Azhar on the other hand borders on the same storyline of Md. Azharuddin’s combat between professional and personal preferences. With no unconventionality to the story, Azhar comes as a typical Bollywood spiced up flick.


Remember Roja and Bombay? Dear Dad will take you to the days of dedicated, unblemished acting with Arvind Swami taking the lead. He is the dad who goes through the emotional turmoil of confession. So if you were heart throbbed by this veteran actor, it’s time to reawaken your love. Azhar comes with the similar faces of B town. Though the Prachi Desai and Emran Haashmi chemistry can be spotted after a long time since Once Upon A Time in Mumbai, but that definitely does not make your tickets pay for the same.


Dear Dad deals with a sphere of solid acting. No creepy scenes or no sudden kisses are infused to draw the viewers’ attention. It seems every member of the film is with a responsibility to bring out the very message of alternative sexuality. It is not a disease or an abnormal situation but is a quite natural phenomenon that can exist in every 5 out of 10 families. Coming to Azhar, even heterosexuality becomes a sin as Emran Hashmi aka Azhar shuffles his choices between Prachi and Nargis, quite symbolical of the Indian society. Moreover on the acting front neither Prachi nor Nargis does the justice to their roles.

Expectation v/s Reality

You walk into the theater imagining you are going to take a peep into the real life of the cricketer Md. Azharuddin and you come out with all your hopes shattered. No loyalty to a biopic it seems. On the contrary, as you choose to take your pick for Dear Dad quite unwillingly, hoping a boring film is soon to be unrolled; there you are with a fantastically constructed plot. While the bio pic is far deviated from reality, Arvind Swami’s flick offers you a perfect scoop of reality.

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A Social Message

We know that weekends are not for education but for fun but with Dear Dad you just cannot miss the strong message it tries to uphold. This film seems like an endeavor from Bollywood to make the common mass realise that homosexuality has got nothing to do with insanity or choices but rather stands out to be a preference for many people. Azhar, has no message to give out rather than twisting and spicing up the stories of a spoilt cricket brat. LOL!

Though no Oye Oye is going to give you those music goals and no intimate scenes are there for your orgasms sessions, but definitely you will have a broader mind-set as you walk out of the theater watching Dear Dad.