Floating Bin by Australian Surfers will Eradicate Water Pollution Issue in India.


Floating bin by Australian Surfers will Eradicate Water pollution issue in India

Floating bin developed by Two Australian Surfers will be an ideal solution to India’s growing water pollution issue. This innovative thought is a blessing for India. The leading spirits behind the floating bin are Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski. They named the floating bin as ‘Seabin’.

It is called a floating rubbish bin since it can collect plastic bottles, paper, oil, fuel, and detergent floating in the ocean. It is affordable with little maintenance and can act as a substitute to ordinary trash boats and vessels scooping up rubbish with nets. Seabin can completely steer clear of marine water pollution. Indiegogo offers the sponsorship for this floating bin project!

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Floating bin by Australian Surfers will Eradicate Water pollution issue in India

This could be the next big solution for tackling problems of polluted lakes, rivers and seas. It’s a ‘floating bin’ that automatically sucks rubbish into it, reports Metro.

According to The Indian Express, the Seabin, a small beginning for marinas, ports and yacht clubs, catches floating rubbish, oil, fuel and detergents. It works like any other bins but with smart technology. Fixed to the dock, the bucket’s rim floats at water level, allowing sea water laced with trash to spill into it, it has a pump at the bottom of the device which returns the clean water to the ocean with trash continuing to collect inside the Seabin. One can empty the trash bag that hangs inside and use the bin again.

According to Andrew and Pete, “The Seabin isn’t big or bulky and can fit into the problem corners of marinas without being obtrusive or taking up dock space for boats.”

For now, the Seabin is primarily designed for smaller water bodies like marinas, ports, harbors, yacht clubs, inland waterways, rivers, lakes, private pontoons and even motor yachts and super yachts.

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Pete said, “The majority of my childhood was spent in the water. There’s nothing worse than being out there surrounded by plastic. The Seabin project is helping to create a better way of life for everyone and every living thing.”

A water pump placed at the shore pulls the water from the floating bin through pipes and debris is collected via natural fiber bag. Using an oil separator, the waste water is filtered and then transferred back to the ocean itself. The Seabins are prepared from polyethylene plastics using a mix of second hand ocean plastics.


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The floating bin can surely wind up the pollution of our natural water sources in a widespread manner. If the endeavor turn out to be an immense success then it will batter the world market.