Tamil Nadu Flood Relief Delayed Due To Political ‘Personal Benefit’


Tamil Nadu Flood Relief Delayed Due To Political ‘Personal Benefit’

The Tamil Nadu Flood issue has been in the news for weeks, and relief measures are being taken to reduce the damage done and provide help to those who have suffered. Though efforts are being made to bring the city and the state of Tamil Nadu back to a normal, functioning condition, some places are being neglected due to petty reasons.

One such example has been pointed out by Mohammed Rahmathullah, with photographs of the situation, on his Facebook profile:

“This was on 13th December, 2015. Yesterday. The place is Thirunindravur and the water is not expected to recede for atleast 3 months due to a political problem. Farzan and Dr. Abdul Rafe from “United Food Relief” have advised the people to vacate the area as the water is very contaminated, but the people don’t seem to agree.

Tamil Nadu Flood
Helpless residents gather on the roof of a building

When asked, they say they want the water to drain, and it is linked to a lake which is closed for a few people’s personal benefit. And it is ‘political’. If the right action is taken, the water and the potential diseases which they are braving to live with for 6 months can Drain in 1 WEEK.

Tamil Nadu Flood
In such adverse situations, people are helping each other to survive.

There are around 1000-1500 people facing this situation, which includes people from all beliefs.

Tamil Nadu Flood
People travelling on a makeshift raft.

All efforts by local authorities have been in vain so far!

Let this go viral until it reaches the right person to solve the issue.”

It is pitiful that people’s ‘personal interests’ come in the way of doing the right thing and helping people. It is the moral duty of humans to help each other in such adverse situations, not neglect them for selfish reasons.

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