Flood Relief : While International Companies Look Away, Kali Mark Saves The Day!


Flood Relief : While International Companies Look Away, Kali Mark Saves The Day!

When an epidemic or a natural calamity takes place, and people are in distress and in need of support, we expect big-name companies and individuals to step forward and provide help. Although this is what is morally expected of them, not all choose to do something for the cause. Flood relief for the recent Tamil Nadu floods is one such situation.

A prime example of this is kind of neglect by international companies is how PepsiCo, the Coca Cola Company and other major manufacturers and distributors of aerated drinks and bottled products, failed to provide any kind of help or support to the victims of the Tamil Nadu floods. The people who were affected by the floods faced an acute shortage of drinking water, and needed someone to help them to get it.

At such a time, Kali Mark – a local company which manufactures a soft drink named Bovonto, stepped up and supported those in need. Although the company doesn’t distribute mineral water in the market, it still provided bottled mineral water free of cost to victims. Such a gesture is praiseworthy and shows the true integrity of the owners of the company.

Flood Relief
The bottles distributed by Kali Mark were made specially for the Tamil Nadu floods.

A Facebook post, shared by Camera Rigging S Ystems, tells us the story of how Kali Mark made a huge difference by helping flood victims with mineral water. Here’s what it said:

“The greatest one I felt in the flood time who have given free water bottles

That is one and only company – Kali Mark
This company is not producing water bottles in the market .
But in this time we must hate companies like Coke, Pepsi who suck our water and make money for their own country.
They did not spend even a rupee for the flood.”

Flood Relief
Although the company does not distribute bottled water, they still took an extra step to make these.

These efforts made by Kali Mark show that humanity is not all lost. There are still good, compassionate people who are willing to help those who are in need. More and more people need to understand that we need to help each other to make this world a better place.

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