A Flying Jatt (2016) Movie Review


“Surprise surprise” is his catchphrase. Thriving on pollution for power, the super villain of director Remo D’souza’s

‘A Flying Jatt’ creates mayhem in a city by releasing toxic waste but not as much as its townfolk themselves generate. Indeed, the pertinent issue of “Save the Environment” hasn’t been explored in such a unique manner before in Bollywood.

A Flying Jatt (2016) Movie Review-FantoosyRaka, the aforementioned villain, is creation of business tycoon Malhotra (a hamming Kay Kay Menon) who wants a piece of land owned by the fiesty alcoholic landlady (Amrita Singh). Her son Aman (Tiger Shroff) gets in to a near fatal fight with this Raka beneath a sacred tree and develops super natural powers. Basically, Aman becomes a Superman in a traditional Sikh attire (stitched by his mom after trying out many hilarious options).

A Flying Jatt has a weak plot, pretty awful VFX for a superhero film and a silly climax set in outer space. It also has Jacqueline Fernandez in a thankless role cut out for a Katrina Kaif or a Sonam Kapoor. But despite all these downers, Remo’s directorial venture after the ‘ABCD’ series (2013 and 2015) gets a few things right to take note.

Tiger Shroff, in the titular role, is sincere and endearing. The lad dances well and kicks some serious ass. As for his acting chops, he is improving with every film of his and in this one, he outdoes what his dad did in a similar superhero movie called ‘Shiva Ka Insaaf’ (1985) at the beginning of his career.

Amrita Singh lends credibility to the Punju mom; a role which could’ve gone haywire in hands of an Archana Puran Singh or a Kirron Kher. WWE wrestler Nathan Jones exudes menance as Raka.

At best, A Flying Jatt is a one time watch with kids in tow. It gets an extra half star for promoting Modiji’s ‘Swachh Bharat’ dream….and for that inspiring story on why Sikhs are associated with 12 o’clock.